Great experience with Jarred and the installation crew. Very efficient job and Jarred and the crew were extremely helpful, informative, and personable. I would be happy to recommend Jarred and the team to anyone who is thinking about going solar.

Elaine Sapp

We waited to do our review until that first NG bill of $16.93 and a credit already established on the bill! Jarred was great to work with. Financing was a breeze and the installers were professional and fast. No regrets!

MikeAngela Nikolaus

I am extremely happy with my solar system and the customer service Jarred and the PlugPv family have provided me. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

David Crandall

Jarred has been fantastic to work with as his controlled enthusiasm makes him a great representative for PLUG PV. His ability to sell product and service is unsurpassed. He has kept us informed about the whole process from the point sale clear through the installation process and that makes us feel very comfortable. Although the full installation was postponed due to (severe wind and different fasteners needed) the installation crew are men we would have at our humble table anytime. This process makes us very proud to be part of the PLUG PV family. We will continue to recommend Solar by Sunnova and Plug PV where ever we are.

Gary L. Moszak & Susan Moszak

I have researched solar for 10 years and have electrical and aircraft mechanics degrees. I can tell if I am being lied to, or the salesman does not know what he is saying. I have found Jarred to be very helpful and knowledgeable regarding solar. He is passionate about his HOBBY, which. happens to also be his job. It shows, in that he will be as excited about your project as you will be yourself. I know from my own research that Jarred knows what he is talking about. He is not a high-pressure salesman either. I would have gone with another company if he were. I would recommend him to all my family and friends.

Kerry Barlow

Jarred is dedicated to customer service and is a hard worker that will get the job done. He has many years of experience working with customers and this consistently shows when you work with him one on one. I have had a great experience working with him and would recommend him and the services that he has to offer.

Erick Clasen

Jarred is a great guy. He went above and beyond for me and my wife. He is very professional and knowledgeable and always under promises and over delivers. He has great people skills and public relations and is willing to do what ever it takes to please his customers. He has become great friend both professionally and personally.

Ron Zdeb

Jarred came to me and explained the solar program and how it all works. I am a person who is conscious of our environment and feel that Solar is a good way to help our planet. The whole ordering installation and activation has been a good experience. The Company provided inspections before, during and after installations. All of the paperwork was in good order and the work was very professionally done on a timely basis. I feel that I am saving money and helping to keep our environment clean which is a win-win situation for everyone.

Buddy Beams

My wife and I happened upon PlugPV on accident. Jarred stopped by our house on a whim one afternoon, and enticed us with solar panels. My wife and I were both interested in switching over, but afraid of the investment and ability to generate enough power for our house. Jarred and the PlugPV team did an amazing job at explaining everything in complete details down to the manufacturing of the solar panels themselves. Jarred and his manager took extra time to explain all of the possible funding options. Jarred was always accessible, whether it be via cell or email, and always went out of his way to get any information that we needed. When it came time to get to the installation, the team showed up on time, and was very professional. They minimized the impact of the presence, and did what was best for our house and the setup as a whole, even if it deviated from the original design. Jarred even stopped by to take care of the install team's lunch and make sure everything was getting done, even though he didn't need to. It was very apparent to our family that PlugPV cares for their employees and their customers.

Dennis Prentice

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