The Future of Renewable Energy is Bright

The Future of Renewable Energy is Bright

We provide renewable energy solutions in Johnson City, Binghamton, Central NY and surrounding areas

I started in the Solar Industry 4 years ago with a large National Company. Since then I have transitioned over to a privately-owned company called PlugPV Solar, where the primary focuses are on the highest quality products and standards, fantastic customer service and complete satisfaction.

I have a true love and passion for this space and it is genuinely rewarding knowing that I'm not only helping myself and my family, but I'm also helping others while preserving the world we live in. I am a father of two great kids and a stepdaughter who I consider my own. My son Jarred Jr is 20 and pursuing a career in law enforcement, my daughter Angelica is a senior in Johnson City high school with plans to attend college, and my stepdaughter Dannika is 4 and can absolutely melt your heart with just one look. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife Michele and just hanging out with family. I'm an avid reader and a diehard sports fan.

I consider myself a talisman, not a salesman. I enjoy telling the story about Solar and showing homeowners how easy it is to save money and take control of their energy costs. Every homeowner's situation is unique and I will work hard to show you the best option that will fit your needs.

The most common question I get at the kitchen table after the solar conversation is " Jarred, why isn't everybody doing this?" My job is not to convince you to go solar but show you why so many others have made the switch. I look forward to helping you.